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Öreg Prés Étterem Mór Volenter István Volenter István Unforgettable culinary

Our chef István Volenter cares about the culinary experiences
and dates back to such a great past, just
like the Öreg Prés Restaurant.
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The new face of tradition

In the Öreg Prés Restaurant the tradition meets the modern kitchen technology, where each dish is made by careful attention and with high quality ingredients.

Every wine press is a unique handicraft. Therefore it could not be different considering our logo in which every line and patch has been made by free-hand. 

Our eponym, the wine press in the car park, gave the basis of the motif, and it received the colors of life, after taking shape.

Our logo is a unique artwork,it was made by the artist László Táncos. So it is unique, just like each food in the Öreg Prés Restaurant.

Öreg Prés Étterem


Öreg Prés Restaurant is the perfect choice for you if you are searching for quality restaurant experiences, sumptuous wine and countryside chill for family, semi-formal or company celebrations. The elegant and comfortable rooms of The Öreg Prés Boutique Hotel provide tranquil rest for the guests, reflecting authentically the atmosphere of the old times together with a pinch of modern line.

The Hotel’s private rooms are suitable for having workshops, conferences, training or presentations. We can help in the preparation and the organization as well, so the important event will definitely be successful.


Besides the unique environment and the cozy countryside atmosphere, our splendid cuisine and our Chef’s local specialities make us the perfect wedding place for those who are looking for something special.


„Think global, act local” – they say and this classic quote is also a decisive one in our philosophy.

Our delicatessen also represents this, where the local producers’ products- made with their heart and soul- can be bought. In this way you can help the growth of the domestic small holders and farmers and you can also reduce your ecological footprint as most of the delicacies come from a 15km area.

Feel free to choose and taste the local culture with our delicious syrups, jams and many other quality home made products.

Öreg Prés Étterem

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Dining Guide

In the Audi-Dining Guide TOP 100 Restaurant Guide, our restaurant is listed among the outstanding restaurants of the country and the countryside in 2021 and 2022.