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About us

In the Audi-Dining Guide TOP 100 Restaurants
Our restaurant is listed among the outstanding restaurants of the country and the region in 2021 and 2022.

The new face of tradition

Not only the nenvironment, but our restaurant represent the traditional, countryside style, so it can take the guests back tot the time. We can experience the ease of the countryside elegance from the first minute as we enter the yard of Öreg Prés.

The press in front of the building, the authentic oven, the wine barrels, the hand-carved furniture are talking about the past. From here you can approach our cozy inn and restaurant-it has a more than 25-year-old past.

We have two sister hotels, they are waiting for guests who arrive from farther.

In the neighborhood of our restaurant, the Öreg Prés Butique Hotel provides spacious and modern rooms, but these rooms preserve the beauty of the past as well.

In the Hétkúti Wellness Hotel and Horse Park, fans of the horse sport can enjoy the possibilities provided by the park.

Vidék, tradíció, vendégszeretet - Nem hiába ez a három szó az, ami a leginkább meghatároz minket. - Öreg Prés Étterem Mór
A Móri Borvidéken egy különösen varázslatos táj ölt testet: a Vértes lankáin elterülő szőlődombok olyan idilli képet festenek, melyek azonnal megnyugtatják az ideérkező lelkét.

The Mór Wine Region

In the Mór Wine Region a very special and enchanting landscape rises: the grape hills on the slopes of the Vértes depict an idyllic picture and they can calm down the visitors’ souls.

The smallest, but one of the most special wine regions had had a flourishing viticulture before the Turkish occupation. This flourishing viticulture can be seen nowadays with several wine cellars,wineries and of course award winning wines well-known in Hungary . Here not only the wine lovers, but the nature lovers and the food lovers can find themselves, because the Mór Wine Region can be found far away from the urban scene, in a special corner of the Vértes. Lots of festivals, events are waiting for the visitors every year: we can enjoy the variety of the countryside during the wine days, castle tournaments and the vintage days. Öreg Prés has been hosting the Wine Queen ceremony since 1998, she is chosen during the Mór Wine Days.

Gastronomical journey

Although the Swabian gastronomical line and the local specialities determine mostly our kitchen, those who long for international flavors can find their favorites as well. In the Öreg Prés Restaurant the tradition meets the modern kitchen technology, where each dish is made by careful attention and with high quality ingredients.

The ingredients really come from the local area, we work with local meat, vegetables and jam. Organic vegetables come from Rácalmás, honey from Csókakő, cheese from Csurgódomb and Alcsút, Petlyn artisanal vinegar, pumpkin seed oil from the Biróczky manufactory, and syrup and jam are made in town.

Our chef, István Volenter cares about the culinary experiences, who dates back to such a great past, just like the Öreg Prés Restaurant, where he started his professional career 15 years ago.

After it he acted both in the Bocuse d’Or team as a coach and carried on an outstanding professional work in the fine dining world.

In 2019 he “returned home” in the stupendous countryside atmosphere of the Mór Wine Region and in his former workplace, Öreg Prés and he has also been the restaurant operator since 2019.

A felejthetetlen kulináris élményekről Séfünk, Volenter István gondoskodik, aki majd olyan nagy múltra tekint vissza, mint az Öreg Prés Étterem, ahol megkezdte 15 éve szakmai karrierjét.
Válogass kedvedre és ízleld meg a helyi kultúrát ínycsiklandó szörpjeinkkel, lekvárjainkkal és sok más minőségi kézműves termékünkkel.


„Think global, act local” – they say and this classic quote is also a decisive one in our philosophy.
Our delicatessen also represents this, where the local producers’ products- made with their heart and soul- can be bought. In this way you can help the growth of the domestic small holders and farmers and you can also reduce your ecological footprint as most of the delicacies come from a 15km area.

Feel free to choose and taste the local culture with our delicious syrups, jams and many other quality home made products.